Citrix Webex Phone System

This page has instructions on installing the Webex phone app to your desktop and smart phone. I will provide a linkj to the training when it is avaialble.

  1. Look for an email from
    NOTE: do this from your laptop or desktop NOT your phone.
  2. Click on the “Activate” button link within that email.

3. Follow the instructions after you click the button.

4. When you complete the instructions you will be in the Web Browser application. You will see a “Download” button link at the top of your browser window.

Click this button to download the App for your laptop or desktop.

NOTE: the web browser app does not work well, do not use this version. Make sure you download the MAC or Windows version of the app to use.

5. Open the app on your laptop or desktop and sign in using your email in this format as the username:

Use the password you created when you activated your account.

6. Once you have completed your activation and app installation you can then install the app on your phone.

Search for “Webex” in the Google App or iPhine app store.

7. Download and open the app, then sign in. You can make and receive calls from your SFC account using this app. When you place a call, the person will see the SFC main number as the caller ID.