General Terms for Use of SFC Facilities.

Please Note: PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD is not responsible to provide any special equipment or sound/lighting personnel unless the same has been specifically agreed to by the PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD and the USER, and the specific related terms for the special equipment or personnel have been set forth in an attached exhibit. If staff is required, there is a $75 per person, per hour additional charge.

NOTE: All PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD events or other church activities will take priority over outside users of our facilities, therefore, approval for facility use will generally not be given more than 90 days in advance.


Liability Insurance

USER at its sole cost and expense shall maintain during the DATE(S) OF USE of this agreement public liability insurance insuring against ALL liability of USER, PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD, and their authorized representatives arising out of and in connection with USER’S use of the FACILITY, with a single liability limit of $1,000,000

Property Damage Insurance

USER also at its sole cost and expense shall maintain during the DATE(S) OF USE of this agreement property damage limits covering the facility to be used of not less than $1,000,000

It is the intention of both USER and PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD that both the public liability and property damage insurance shall insure performance by USER of the express indemnity provision contained below. However, the limits of such insurance shall not limit the liability of USER hereunder.

PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD shall be named as an additional named insured on the insurance policy purchased by USER, which is the subject of this agreement.

USER agrees to provide PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD with a copy of the certificate of insurance evidencing that it has complied with the insurance requirement of this agreement.


  1. PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD, its employees and its members are not liable for any accidents or injuries occurring on the premises. By signing this agreement, any person or group using the PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD facilities agrees to accept the premises “as is”; USER agrees to save, indemnify, and keep harmless PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD, its employees, or its members against any and all liability, claims, judgments, or demands, including demands arising from injuries or death of persons (USER’S employees included) and damage to property, arising directly or indirectly out of obligations herein undertaken or out of the operations conducted by USER, save and except claims or litigation arising through the sole negligence or sole willful misconduct of PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD. It is the intention of the parties that the indemnity provided for by this agreement provides for indemnity to the fullest extent provided for by law.
  2. Use of the Facility is limited to the areas designated above.
  3. A refundable cleaning/damage deposit will be required. Any damaged caused by negligence of the USER will be repaired at the expense of the USER.
  4. Only Douglass Hall, Richards Hall or the Courtyard may be used for serving food and drink. Our kitchen supplies are not available for outside use; however you may bring your own coffee pots to make coffee. A caterer may also be hired, however, they must bring all their own supplies.
  5. We DO NOT HAVE SINK DISPOSALS, therefore all coffee grounds and trash MUSH BE PLACED IN TRASH CANS provided in the kitchen, and full trash bags must be carried out to the trash bins.
  6. Tables and chairs must be replaced to their original setting.
  7. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the church premises.
  8. No fund-raising or profit-oriented activities are allowed.

The undersigned has been given authority to act for and be responsible for the USER making this application. USER will see that the FACILITY is not misused or abused, that there is proper adult supervision at all times, that the FACILITY is used in conformity with all policies and regulations of the PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD, and that all other terms of this BUILDING/FACILITY USE AGREEMENT are adhered to and followed.

The undersigned understands and agrees that this BUILDING/FACILITY USE AGREEMENT does not establish an employer-employee relationship between USER and PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD, that the event is neither a conducted event nor a sponsored event of PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD. In addition, it is understood that PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD will not exercise any physical or other control over the operation of the event other than those already spelled out in this BUILDING/FACILITY USE AGREEMENT. In addition, USER understands that PROPERTY OWNER/LANDLORD is not providing any supervision by this agreement.